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Vaporetti Vapors American e-Liquid

VAPORETTI.COM Vaporetti LLC P.O. box 2799 Darlington, RI 02861 1-855-401-VAPE

A discriminating taste requires the highest quality products.  Vaporetti's™ V-Drops™ are made in the USA with only the finest, FDA approved/USA produced ingredients. You will find nothing artificial here. Only the finest, premium ingredients are used in Vaporetti V-Drops™.

Choose your own nicotine level, from 0 mg to 24 mg, along with your favorite V-Drop™ flavors.  We believe our tobacco or menthol flavored V-Drops™ will give you that true, realistic smoking experience, so many are looking for. You will also delight in our sidewalk Italian café with some of our signature flavors such as Caffè' Dolci Cappuccino, Strawberry Gelato, Italian Tuscan Trifle and our refreshing Limoncello.
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Our Featured Products

All of our E-Liquids come in a 10ML or 30ML dripper bottles. Available nicotine levels range from 0 to 24mg. All materials and ingredients used in the manufacturing of our V-drop e-liquids are sourced in the USA and are of the highest quality.

Caffè' Dolci Cappuccino American e-liquid by Vaporetti
Caffè' Dolci Cappuccino

Description: With a passionate base of deep Italian roast blend coffee that is both bold and well-balanced, each slightly sweetened puff of vapor from our Vaporetti® Caffè' Dolci Cappuccino V-Drops™ reflects the skilled artistry only a Barista can produce—like having your own personal caffè' bar anytime, anywhere.


Expresso Italiano American e-liquid by Vaporetti
Espresso Italiano

Description: Strong, dark and rich, our Vaporetti® Espresso V-Drops™ bring you all the notes of a deep shot of espresso, melting warmth over your tongue with a delightful yet slightly bitter aftertaste and an aroma that will make you feel like you are standing in an Italian coffee bar shouting for another “Caffé'!” Perfect way to morning vape.

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Fresh Strawberry Gelato American e-liquid by Vaporetti
Fresh Strawberry Gelato

Description: The dreamy, creamy flavor of custard - sweet and juicy with just a touch of strawberry tartness, our Vaporetti®Fresh Strawberry Gelato V-Drops™ taste as delightful as an afternoon spent people watching from a bench in Rome with a cup in your hand


Vaporetti Menthol
Vaporetti Menthol

Description: The consummate cool and refreshing experience, Vaporetti® Menthol V-Drops™ give you the icy edged tobacco flavor that you require. Crushed menthol crystals are combined with an unusually smooth blend of tobacco that translates perfectly on your palate.  Just like the real thing.

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Creme Brule American e-liquid by Vaporetti
Crème Brulee

Description: You can almost hear the crack of your spoon hitting the caramelized sugar with your first hit of our Vaporetti ®Crème Brulee V-Drops™.  Silky custard flavor feathered with a strong background of vanilla brings this classy creamy concoction alive with exquisite deliciousness. 

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Vanilla Cream Cake American e-liquid by Vaporetti
Vanilla Cream Cake

Description: Sinfully indulgent…sweetly soft vanilla infused clouds of cream flavor fill your mouth with Vaporetti® Vanilla Cream Cake V-Drops™.  The essence of tender light cake layered with whipped and wonderful vanilla custard and cream are completely translated in this yummy, delectable treat.  Sit back and enjoy. 

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Italian Tuscan Trifle by Vaporetti
Italian Tuscan Trifle

Description: With so many layers of dessert perfection, Vaporetti® Italian Tuscan Trifle V-Drops™ tease your taste buds with the sexy flavors of espresso soaked ladyfingers, velvety mascarpone laced with a hint a vanilla and flecks of dark chocolately goodness - the supreme Italian indulgence.  Perfect way to end your evening.

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Tobacco American e-liquid by Vaporetti

Light and flavorful, our Vaporetti® Tobacco V-Drops™ are a subtle and exotic combination of multiple tobaccos blended smoothly together into one fine flavor with a tasty and toasty warmth that fills all of your senses.

This cigarette flavored tobacco blend is perfect for that realistic e-smoking experience.


Limmoncello American e-liquid by Vaporetti

Description:As bright, refreshing and citrusy as its famous liqueur’s namesake, our Vaporetti® Limoncello V-Drops™ transport you anytime to Italy’s sunny Amalfi Coast with sand between your toes and the ocean breeze caressing your sun-kissed skin as you sip on a little shot of lemon infused sunshine.  

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hazelnutt by Vaporetti
Hazelnut Cream

Description: Toasted hazelnuts and delicious vanilla-steeped cream are wrapped in a delicate sweetness to create one of our warmest, comforting flavors, Vaporetti™ Hazelnut Cream V-Drops™.  The irresistible combination of flavors impeccably evokes the true meaning of “La Dolce Vita!”

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RYQ Tobacco American e-liquid by Vaporetti
RY Quattro

Tobacco taken to the next level!  Vaporetti® RY Quattro V-Drops™ feature tobacco flavors enhanced with vanilla bean, caramel and cocoa, creating the most refined, custom created tobacco blend available. Inhale the smooth, sweet and nutty essence and experience the tobacco tones while exhaling. This exclusive flavor represents the superb excellence that is Vaporetti®.

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Cigar by Vaporetti
Cigar Classico

Description: Cigar connoisseurs will find the earthy flavor of tobacco leaves spiced with pepper and cocoa in our exclusive Vaporetti® Cigar Classico V-Drops™ an experience not to be missed.  The flavor is most like a drier light leafed Claro wrapper cigar and will satisfy even the pickiest cigar smoking purest.  Strong notes throughout make this fine cigar flavor a must try..

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Vaporetto-T Electronic Cigarette

Vaporetti® Vaporetto-T™ e-cig starter kit

Vaporetti® Vaporetto-T™ e-cig starter kit has a compact slim & sleek design without sacrificing performance. It comes with 2 Rechargeable batteries (280mah rated ) and a VaporReady™ manual activation button, which lets you control the amount of vapor you inhale leaving you satisfied every time you vape.  No more frustrating effort puffing.
The Vaporetto-T electronic cigarette comes in 4 different colors ~ white, silver, black or pink.
It features a Tank System that eliminates the need for constant dripping or cartridge filling because it has a Revolutionary New Fluid Feeder System that drips the e-liquid or e-juice directly to the atomizer giving you a fresh puff each time. This results in the best vapor production and flavor.

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Statement: Nicotine is an addictive substance. Our products are intended for committed smokers of legal smoking age and not by non-smokers, children, women who are pregnant or may become pregnant or any person with an elevated risk of, or preexisting condition of, any medical condition.